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Bumming Crew Christmas Special

Bumming Crew Christmas Special

The Bumming Crew Christmas Special is the first Bumisode. It was posted on December 21, 2012 and stars Coke, Johnny, Timbo, and Prikle.


On Christmas Day, Coke and Johnny sit beside the fire. Coke becomes bored and decides to wake everyone else up. He asks Pearl for pancakes and while she is making them Johnny gets angry that everyone has forgotten about Harry's death by a wildebeest stampede. As Coke starts to cry Pearl announces she has finished the pancakes, but when she turns something is sticking out of her apron that looks like a boner. While eating, the house next door catches on fire. Despite their neighbor, Jenny, being rude they try to save her. Timbo breaks down the door with his kangaroo. Coke carries her out, Jenny apologizes for her behavior, and Pearl accepts her apology with a kiss. They all have lunch and Coke makes a bad pun which angers Jenny.






Harry (brief cameo)

Genesis (called Jennifer by her neighbors; aka SuperPorn)


  • Pearl is shown to have female boners.
  • The narration was performed by Harry, while the additional, albeit brief, voice work was provided by Pearl and Coke.
  • Harry is dead in this bumisode, but somehow is alive and well in Lickerwamper.